Over 16K farmers benefit from DA’s KADIWA grant

More than 16,000 farmers and fisherfolk have benefited from KADIWA ni Ani at Kita program, Department of Agriculture (DA) Assistant Secretary for Agribusiness Kristine Evangelista said on Wednesday.

“They are able to sell their produce directly to the market, hence giving them a better income. Kadiwa is also their market entry to become suppliers of institutional buyers,” Evangelista told the Philippine News Agency.

The program is a direct marketing scheme of the DA where producers (farmers/fisherfolk) are directly linked with the consuming public, making available food commodities at reasonable prices to consumers through accessible Kadiwa retail stores in strategic locations.

Kadiwa is loosely translated as “one idea, one thought”.

The financial grants aim to enhance the capacities of farmers and fisherfolk organizations to become reliable food commodity suppliers to consumers and for community based-organizations to sustainably operate the Kadiwa retail stores.

Evangelista said Kadiwa-generated sales reached PHP875,764,798 from March 17, 2020 to March 27, 2021.

Meanwhile, she said an enhanced version of the Kadiwa Grant is also implemented to help cooperatives and farmers associations.

She said the associations are given working capital grants so they can become consolidators or buy trucks for delivery or packaging or processing equipment so they can sell their produce at a better price.

“We give cooperatives and LGUs working capital grant so they can do value adding like packaging and processing to improve their income. Some coops use the grant to buy hauling trucks or dropside trucks so they themselves can sell their produce directly to buyers,” she added.

The objective of the Enhanced Kadiwa Grant is to capacitate farmer coops and associations to take on more roles in the value chain.

Who can apply?

* Farmers and Fisherfolk Cooperatives and Association (FCA) that can act as an assembler, consolidator or distributor of food commodities. FCA can be a cooperative, association, or corporation duly registered with regulating government agencies and composed primarily of small agricultural producers, farmers, farmworkers, agrarian reform beneficiaries, or fisherfolk.

* Community-Based Organization (CBO) that can operate the Kadiwa retail store. A CBO refers to a Non-Government Organization, Cooperative, Association, Corporation, People’s Organization or Homeowners’ Association duly registered with Securities and Exchange Commission and other concerned government agencies.

Priority shall be given to those FCAs and CBOs already participating in Kadiwa ni ani Ani at Kita Program.

Online applications are encouraged. Interested organizations may send their electronically generated documents (digital image/scanned copies of original documents).

Downloadable forms are available online. Applications and documents may be sent to any one of these email addresses: kadiwanianiatkitafg1@gmail.com;

kadiwanianiatkitafg2@gmail.com; kadiwanianiatkitafg3@gmail.com. Applicants may also transact in person at any of the following DA offices: DA-Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Services (DA-AMAS) at the DA Central Office DA-Regional Field Offices c/o Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Division (AMAD).

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