Marikina plans to vaccinate 10K people daily

The city of Marikina eyes to inoculate 10,000 residents daily with coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) vaccines once these become available.

Mayor Marcelino Teodoro said this can be done in the city’s mega vaccination facility located at the Marikina Sports Complex in Barangay Sta. Elena.

“We will open the Marikina City Mega Vaccination Facility that can administer Covid-19 vaccine to around 10, 000 people per day. We can vaccinate 10,000 people in a day because we have 10 vaccination stations at our mega vaccination facility here in the Marikina Sports Complex,” he said during the visit of the Coordinated Operations to Defeat Epidemic (CODE) Team headed by the National Task Force Against Covid-19 and the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID).

Teodoro added that the city would also monitor the health condition of those who would be vaccinated against the diseases.

“Ang isa pang mahalaga rito, mayroon tayong care monitoring facility or infirmary kung sakaling may adverse reaction. Pwede doon gawin yung initial medical treatment. At itong vaccination center na ito ay 100 meters lamang ang layo sa pinakamalapit na hospital (What’s important here, we have a care monitoring facility or infirmary in case of an adverse reaction. Initial medical treatment can be done there. And this vaccination center is only 100 meters away from the nearest hospital,” Teodoro said.

He added that the city’s cold chain facility is just within the 100-meter radius of the vaccination centers.

Kaya ‘yung pagta-transport ng vaccine hindi rin magiging problema pati ang storage natin (So transporting the vaccine will not be a problem as well as our storage).”

He said Marikina City has three simple steps when it comes to Covid-19 vaccination.

The first step, he said, is the screening process.

“Ito iyong ililista ang pangalan, iba-validate kung siya ba ‘yung kasama sa eligible, kukunan ng temperature, at iba pang vital signs. Made-determine na natin kung eligible silang babakunahan batay sa comorbidities nila, sa medical condition (This will include listing the name, validating whether he or she is eligible, taking their body temperature, and other vital signs. We can determine if they are eligible to be vaccinated based on their comorbidities or medical condition),” he explained.

Those who would be found eligible would then get vaccinated, he said.

The last step is the most important, it is the observation stage or the care monitoring, Teodoro said.

“Binibigyan nating ng halaga iyon, para sa ganun, kung may adverse effect, mapangalagaan natin yung taong babakunahan (We give importance to that. So that if there is an adverse effect, we can take care of the person being vaccinated),” he told reporters.

Teodoro said he will sign an executive order creating the task force for the city’s vaccination program.

He added that the city has also formed a group of experts who would lead an information drive to allay the people’s fears on the Covid-19 vaccines. 

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