Drop of pig slaughtering noted as supply of pork drops in city

By Letty M.Militante

There is a drop in the number of pigs butchered in the city as the supply of live animals drop resulting to the drop int he supply of pork in the city.

City Veterinarian  Dr. Mario Arriola confirmed yesterday that there is a drop of acitity a the city’s slaughterhouse.

 “We have reduction ,” Dr. Arriola said .

The city slaughter house in Barangay San Roque  averages the slauther of  102 heads of live pigs per day to include those slautgehred in private homes for local or home consumption.

The city has about more or less  nine (9) slaughter houses means aside from the main slaughter house in San Roque, that are  located in the different barangays.

These other slaugherhouse include those in the barangays of Labuan, yala,Tulungatung,Divisoria, Mercedes,Curuan, Vitali and three in City Proper.

For the month of January last year Dr. Arriola said that the average kill was  at 112 while in the currrent year January 2021  the average was at 102 per day .

Dr. Arriola said that this  reduction was due to shortages of meat products particularly pork in other cities like in Metro Manila.

He said that most of the suppliers or sources are shipping their pigs to other ciitrs particularly in Metro Manila.

On the pther hand, Dr. Arriola said that in as far as other meat products like beef and chicken are concerned  there is no reduction.

Instead the killing of chicken  increased from 22,155 in 2020 to 32,000 in Janaury 2021.

Dr. Arriola said that pigs slaughtered in San Roque is  accredited as double A (AA) which means we can ship our meat products anywhere in the country.(Letty M.Militante)

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