Smuggling of people to Zamboanga on the rise

By Letty M. Militante

City Mayor Maria Isabelle C. Climaco Salazar has revealed that there is this continued smuggling of people into this city .

“Ta continua lang siempre el smuggling de hente,” Climaco Salazar said.

This people coming from other places in the country are getting in without proper coordination and  documentation.


Climaco Salazar said that the city needs to be protected against these undocumented people who are getting in thru backdoor which means entering the Zamboanga City border without documents and coordination with the City Tourism Office .

“We need to  protect our border, “Climaco Salazar said.

As this developed, Climaco Salazar has directed law forcers  to strictly check  the city’s entry point against  those  individuals who want to enter the city without coordination and documents.

On record, it has been observed that the city’s populace is  almost one million. The increase in population include those who transferred and are now staying in this city.

Mostly, came from the nearby provinces and cities are     are  undocumented individuals  .(Letty M.Militante)

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