DTI says no food crisis

By Letty M.Militante

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has  announced that there is  no food crisis amid the continue increases on prices of  meat products particularly chicken, pork and beef.

DTI Regional Director Ceferino Rubio said that there is nothing to worry because there is no food crisis only  shortages of meat products as this is not a permanent product.

“Tiene kita shortages of meat products,” Rubio said .

On records, prices of meat products like chicken, pork and beef have gone high in local market and groceries.

Rubio said that there is still sufficient supplies coming from the Zamboanga Peninsula suppliers in Zamboanga del Sur and Zamboanga del Norte  to include Cagayan de Oro and  local backyard raisers.

According to Rubio, the recent shortages of meat products was caused   by  the issues and concern of the so-called ASF in Metro Manila last December 2020  where in most or the bulk of the Zamboanga Peninsula suppliers shipped their meat supplies to Metro Manila where they can get good  prices for their products.

“All went to Manila,” Rubio said referring to the supplies of meat products.

“Traders offer better price, “ Rubio said referring to those in Metro Manila adding that “ most of the bulk went to Manila because trades are offering better prices there.”

Rubio said that outside traders particularly those in Metro Manila who purchase meat products from ZS and ZN and Cagayan de Oro have greatly affected the  prices of meat products in the city .

 Rubio also said  local hog raisers production are not enough wherein the city mostly gets its meat suppliers from outside suppliers.

“We don’t have enough commercially establishments operating in hog raising ,”Rubio said . .(Letty M.Militante)

On the other hand, the DTI can not control prices of meat products like chicken, pork and beef in the local markets and groceries.

Most prices of meat products have increased by more or less 50% or more percent.

DTI can only impose its Suggested Retail Price (SRP) on finished or processed products and not on fresh meat under the Republic Act No. 7581.

“Only on processed meat can be put to SRP,” Rubio said adding that because they can be assured in terms of volume and production.

But for those in seasonal products in agriculture and fishery Rubio said this is beyond the DTI control for the SRP.

“Nuay kosa pwede ase el local  price coordinating  council. It is prohibited under the law, “Rubio said.

We are banking for our supplies from the outside suppliers,” Rubio said 


The LPCC is being chaired by the local chief executive .

Under the price act dealing in prime and basic commodities  ,  there are four (4) concerned government agencies , namely,  DA for agriculture and fishery products , DENR, DTI and DOH for the essential medicines,Rubio said.(Letty M.Militante)

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