Climaco explains covid

Climaco explains covid

vaccines procurements

By Letty Militante

City Mayor Maria Isabelle C.Climaco Salazar has explained the vaccines procurement process following announcement for the purchases of 410,000 doses of anti- Covid vaccines in this city.

“What we are doing is to allocate funds but as far as the prices and suppliers are concerned it is the national government that will decide,” Climaco said.

Climaco Salazar said that  the city government is to allocate funds for the vaccines but it will be the Task Force vaccines who directly deals withharmaceuticals companies and the prices of the vaccines.

Presently, there are about 10 vaccines depositors worldwide.

The Task Force Vaccine procurement is headed by Secretary Charlie Galvez to negotiate and in the purchases of anti- covid vaccine with pharmaceuticals companies.

The Task Force vaccines is the only authorized  entity in the Philippines to negotiate with the different companies thru a bilateral and tripartite agreement .


Recently, Climaco  Salazar recently entered into a Multilateral Agreement with UK’s AstraZeneca  for the purchase of 410,000 doses of anti-Covid vaccines that will be intended for 205,000 residents of Zamboanga City in the amount of 2.050 million USD (100 million pesos) as part of the City’s Vaccination Program against Covid19.  

The vaccination program will cover only 694,696 people or 70% of the city’s 2021 projected population of 992,423.

And Another P100 million funds for other vaccine brands.(Letty M.Militante)

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