Pets now allowed

Pets now allowed

inside SM-Mindpro

By Letty M.   Militante

The newly opened SM City Mindpro has opened its doors to all pet lovers letting them in and in bond with their masters   in  this city.

This is another city’s  first  mall who accept pets inside the mall.

The furry member of the family finds another home inside  SM City Mindpro .

For the past years, pets are not allowed inside a mall and even in parks. While in several countries pets are allowed to go with their masters.

Only a few places in this country allowed pets inside a mall.

Many consider  pets -dogs as man’s best friend . Thus,  Pet owners are having difficulty leaving their pets at home and carry them out when they go on some errands.

Pet owners shall observe regulations while bringing with them their pets inside the mall.

Pets owner can hand carry their pets or let them walk with leash  inside the mall.

Responsible pethood means taking good care of your little fella’s well-being, and one way to do it is to bond with them whenever and wherever inside a mall. (Letty M.Militante)

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